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Sales Representation

First Light has represented a select group of manufacturers to a broader customer base instead of a large manufacturer base to a small geography. We go deep with the manufacturer relationship. For some companies we are the sole representatives to retailers in certain channels because of our expertise, which is why you see retailers encompassing the entire US, Caribbean, and Central America.

Market Research

We help our manufacturers survey the field of retailers to develop the most comprehensive strategies for product assortment, pricing, and promotions that will effectively grow their sales in the key target customers. This prepares them for the entry and greatest likelihood of success when presenting their unique strengths to retailers.

Customer Service

Sometimes things will go wrong. If they do, our manufacturers and retailers know we will work hard to answer customer questions with in-house trained professionals. We develop solutions that give customers the confidence they are being taken care of as expeditiously as possible. This is why our manufacturers trust us with their warranty service too.

Brand Development

First Light has helped it’s manufacturer partners develop and update brands for a variety of channels. This includes packaging, merchandising, POP, IM’s, promotions, pricing, trade show execution, product line reviews and product development. First Light uses a combined resource base of in-house and local exclusive experts in the retail world. This includes any retailer private label requirements as well.

Logistics/Supply Chain

Having a great assortment means nothing if you cant deliver 100% of the product 100% on time with the greatest accuracy. We help our manufacturers with EDI implementation, order forecasting, order facilitation, NEW item uploads, and order tracking to assure the best opportunity for new order and seasonal execution.

IO Fulfillment/Warranty

Because many retailers are shifting inventory requirements for online fulfillment to the manufacturer, we can assist our manufacturers with establishing this class of service for single pc direct to home delivery. This would be thru our warehouse with special shipping capabilities already setup. This also applies to companies needing warranty component fulfillment as well.

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