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Table Top LED Travel Light

Improve Your Video Calls with One Simple Thing!

Struggling to make your video conference calls feel professional? With transitioning to a more virtual workplace, delivering your customers the best possible experience is more important than ever. Whether it’s Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Office Team – having the right lighting makes a big impact on how your audience receives you.

This quick and affordable solution to help you improve the quality of your virtual meetings. Important tips for getting the most out of your light:

  • Set up your light near your webcam, facing yourself. If you have a laptop, the best spot to have it is a foot or so behind your computer. The most important thing to be lit properly is yourself and/or your product. Having the light set up behind your computer will do just that. 
  • Look for shadows. Adding or taking away a module or repositioning your light will help rid of unwanted shadows.
  • Make sure the light you use is daylight in color temperature. This one is daylight, which will help give the most pure color rather than leaving your skin or product with a blue or orange tone.
  • Ask questions! Not a lighting professional? That’s ok! We are. If you have any specific questions regarding lighting options or set up, feel free to contact us. We love helping you get the most out of your products!
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