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Let’s Pray Together Right Now for Corona Virus Covid-19 Relief!

Lord, you are the one and only sovereign Lord. We know it! We see you working in these times of doubt and anxiety for many people.  You see what is consuming the world today and the challenges this sickness has presented. You see the suffering of the sick and the effects on their families, coworkers and friends.  Your word guides us to BE CONFIDENT we are known BY YOU in this time despite the circumstances and that there is a time for EVERYTHING.

We also know you have put each of us in this place at this time to see this in order to strengthen our faith in you;  in order that we would learn to trust you, in order that we would TURN TO YOU AND WORSHIP YOU AND ONLY YOU, and in order that we would be tools to be used by you to bring other faithful believers into your future kingdom thru the way we respond and become examples of your living Christ in us.

Lord I pray you will give the health care workers courage, strength, endurance, clarity of mind, and the love and passion to do what they know is best in every circumstance.  Lord I pray you will give our family, friends, coworkers, associates and business partners relief from any anxieties as they need and CONFIDENCE you will sustain us and ENCOURAGE US during this crisis. Lord I pray you will give our leaders unity, wisdom, understanding, common sense, and decisiveness to act knowing you are watching and in control. Lord, PRESS THEM TO LEAD FOR YOUR PEOPLES SAKE. Lord I pray you will suppress the evil, greed, pride, and temptations of ugliness in OUR HEARTS that could be expressed in our words and actions under duress.

God, there is no mountain you can not move. There is no people you will abandon. There is reason for all of this. It is a season and a time you have you are allowing us to see.

Please, Please, Please . . .  give us the vision to see your hand moving in it and to be the best steward of the promptings of your Holy Spirit. Give those of us who have overcome or are healthy the ability  to step in to be your hands and feet to people who need us, to bring what you have given us to the table, to be an encouragement like only Christ is thru his resurrection.

Lord almighty, our sovereign God – we pray this in the name of your son Jesus Christ, our savior of all people, of all time.


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