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KnifeSafe™ Knife Blade Protectors

When I was getting ready for a summer pool party this year, I looked for an alternative to throwing my knives in a separate bag and stashing them in one of my cooler bags. I spent a good amount of money on my last knife set and didn’t want to screw them up, again.

Transporting good knives and identifying them when you go home can be a tricky sometimes at a big bash, especially after a couple drinks! I wanted something I could safely contain them in, easily identify them later on, and not worry about damaging them in the process of packing up and going to and from.

KnifeSafe makes a great product that protects the knife blade, is dishwasher safe, and allows you to transport them safely. Professional Chefs love them, and you will too.

They come in 4 sizes that hold from a 4” to 10” blade. They have a few cool colors so you can separate your stuff from the rest of the crowd and be easy to find. The fold-over design snaps the cover over the blade and is held in place, so it can’t slip out. (My problem with simple sheaths). Another plus to the design is you can easily wash it. Just open it up and throw it in the dishwasher. You never know what might be caught in a handle or on a blade if it isn’t washed really well and I’m a freak about germs and food poisoning, so this is a HUGE plus for me.

We are an avid outdoors family that likes to camp, fish, hunt and do a lot of RVing, so this makes regular storage and toting around super safe and simple. I love buying from made is USA companies too. You can find the product on Amazon from FLI Products – HERE


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First Light Inc is a division of FLI Products and distributes the KnifeSafe, AgiluxUSA, IQ America


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