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Secure Your Home with LED Motion Security Lighting


Your first line of defense is LED Motion Security Lighting by IQ America thru FLI Products.

Chicago, IL Oct ‘18

A recent attempted break in made me thankful I took the time to install LED Motion Security Lights at a few points around the perimeter of my home.  Cameras are great at capturing images of thieves, but a layered defense with deterrents will make them think twice about attempting entry.

Just this week, a group of thieves entered the neighborhood and reigned havoc on over 12 homes in a short time.

As the days shorten this time of year, for safety and security of your home, it’s a good time to assess your home’s perimeter exposure and take precautions to prevent becoming a victim of crime. One simple and inexpensive step is to install motion security lights. Look for exposure to high value targets. For instance, your vehicles, garage, shed, patios and decks, as well as dark corners of your home. Most older motion security lights have limited range of detection and may not deter a thief if they are dim or if a thief can get below the sensors. So, replacing old motion security lights and supplementing with new ones is a good idea.

The new LED Motion Security Lights from IQ America are a super bright 2000 lumens. Multiple built in sensors detect approach from up to 70’ away, as well as from behind or below with the adjustable external sensors, all the way up to 240°around. The 2 independent LED heads give added flexibility with pan and tilt features to throw the light where you need it. The really unique mounting system allows eve or wall mounting, and it’s waterproof. Because of the low energy consumption (20W) and HI-LO lumen setting features, this energy star rated fixture is inexpensive to maintain.

IQ America also makes a Battery-Operated Motion Security Light for mounting places where you may not have power like sheds, barns, car ports, docks, RV’s, tents, etc.  These can even be mounted to fences and trees. They’re super easy to install.

Prevent becoming a victim and deter property theft. Take the time now to assess your vulnerability.  Check with your insurance company about discounts for home security too. This may help offset some of your costs for installation. Find out more at

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